Sunday, November 28

christmas pictures?!

Today I realized that the kids were wearing somewhat matching clothes, so I decided to take some cute little Christmas pictures, so that I could put them on one of shutterfly's Christmas cards! (check them out here: )
Shutterfly is running a special for bloggers...where you can earn 50 free Christmas cards!
(check that out here: )
I've used shutterfly's photo cards in the past 3 years and I just love all of them! I especially like the ones where you can write on them- the stationery cards- because I don't want our Christmas cards to just be another card that someone gets and puts in their box and doesn't look at again- I want it to be a card that proclaims the birth of Jesus- the real reason for the season! I want to be able to share what the Lord has done for our family in the past year and the hope that we can have in our Savior born in the stable that first Christmas!
Each year I have a hard time trying to choose which one...and generally I use our picture as an inspiration...but, look at these pics- do they lend themselves to any inspiration?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking...not so much inspiring as making me laugh- especially that last one- what is she trying to do? measure him for clothes?? see if he measures up???
I guess these pictures are good for inspiration on something...I'm thinking of making my grandmother a calendar for Christmas and I just may use one of these: and put these little pictures on a month! I think she would get a good chuckle out of looking at these goofballs all month!
Another thing from shutterfly that I'd like to try one time is there canvas wall prints. I have one and I absolutely love it. The color is great and the picture turned out amazingly well! Check them out here: ! You may want to order one someday- they are pretty neat and add a whole new dimension to your wall. (plus, everyone who comes to our house comments on ours!) :)
I'm going to head over to shutterfly and spend some more time purusing through the cards, trying to get some inspiration for this years card to go with my goofy little pictures!

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