Tuesday, November 30

3 Months!

My sweet little one is 3 months old today! I just can't believe that he's been here for 3 months.
Isn't this the sweetest smile that you have ever seen?!
He's grown so much in the past three months, he barely even looks like the little boy that I brought home from the hospital. No matter how long I'm a Mom I don't think I'll ever get used to the pace that kids grow...it's just so fast!!
At 3 months, Jackson is smiling and giggling- he's lifting his head when he lays on his tummy, he's kicking his legs, he's batting at toys above his head, he's even lifting one side of his body and rolling to the other side (not rolling over- just practicing)! He weighs just over 10 and 1/2 lbs. and is finally starting to fit into a few of his 0-3 month clothes! He's sleeping through the night- from 8:30-7, he's taking 3 great naps a day- even on schedule! Everyone says he's a dream baby and I'd have to agree- he is a great baby. I love him and thank God that he blessed me with him!

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