Tuesday, November 1

trick or treating!

Little Baby Jack all dressed up and ready to go!

We took Elmo and Princess Elmo trick or treating last night!

It was so much fun and they were so cute...

I couldn't get the kiddos to pose without me holding them, so I had to sit and hold them to get a cute picture...at least I thought it was cute, 'til I realized that I look HUGE with my giant belly behind Jackson! :)

Hailey enjoyed pushing her little brother in the stroller from house to house! It was just too cute

When Hailey found out that Jackson was going to be Elmo for Halloween, she was so upset and wanted to wear the Elmo costume, so we found her her own Elmo costume, but, then when it came right down to it she wanted to be a princess, so she got to be princess Elmo...ahh...what can you do about the changing mind of a two year old, huh??

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