Friday, November 11

will I be counted faithful?!

On Wednesday I went into labor early- at 34 weeks and 5 days I was convinced that I was going to meet my girls! And...I was a wreck...I called my mom sobbing, I called Korey barely coherent and poor Hailey was convinced that I was not ok!! (despite how many times I told her I was...apparently actions speak louder than words) That did not stop her from using my "impared state" to try and cut the dogs tail off with scissors, stick stickers all over her brother and the wall, dump milk and ranch dressing on the table and demand to watch a movie..nor did it stop Jackson from having a gigantic blow out diaper all over his pajamas! (so much for being ahead of the game) ;)

Good thing for me, God's faithfulness does not change regarding my state of mind and my faithfulness. Like all the other "scary" things that have been a possibility for our girls during this pregnancy, God saw us through, and faithfully brought about a wonderful outcome- one that had no earthly rhyme or reason.

When we first got in and got hooked up the nurses became convinced that we were not going to be able to stop labor and weren't even sure we should try, but thankfully, our doctor was on his way home from Gander Mountain (yup, that's why he and korey get along) and stopped by to check me out for himself! He was willing to at least give it a try and gain us even a day or two more of the girls being in the womb, as opposed to in the NICU. (every day in the womb is considered 3 less days in the NICU, so even a day or two is a big deal at this point) Even our doctor, though, didn't give us much hope of not meeting our little ladies! Korey and I entered into the nightime hours with a lot of fear and trepidition- I feel like I barely held my tears in check and at some points I'm not sure all the shaking and racing heart was from the drugs, it coulda been my absolute panic of meeting our babies sooner than I was ready for! They did give us two different doses of a drug called terbutiline that is supposed to calm the contractions down and stop had some not quite so fun side effects, but I would gladly do it all over again for the great outcome that they, along with the nubane, had on my labor. Not only did it stop the labor (after I had dialated about 1/2- a full centimeter more), but my uterus that had actually moved forward- moved back up, something our doctor said he had never seen before!

I was and am convinced that it was only an act of God that allowed our baby girls to stay in the womb! We still don't know how many more days the girls will hold off, but we are just thankful that today we made it to 35 weeks and are praising God for each day that I get to stay pregnant! And, to be honest, I wouldn't put it past God to give us a whole nother week or so with them! :) I just hope and pray that this time I will be faithful and will trust that the timing is God's.

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  1. I'm glad we didn't end up coming over on Wednesday. Praise God for letting you keep them in a little longer.