Thursday, November 24

tomorrow, tomorrow....

we get to meet our sweet girls tomorrow!!

I don't know if I'm more excited or scared, but I definitely have the jitters today! (and so does Korey...we're both really antsy and have a lot of nervous energy)

Hailey is absolutely excited enough for all of us, though!! She can't get enough hugging of my belly and she's been talking about meeting the girls all day! In fact now that we have a set day we've been talking about her meeting them and she is very excited to rock them back and forth and sing I'll love you forever I'll like you for always to them! ;) Isn't that cute?! As for Jack...well, I think he's excited not to have a huge belly to contend with when I hold him, but other than that and running around saying, "baby" and holding a baby he doesn't seem too excited! :)

I think I'm mostly excited to just have a little bit of my body back and finally get to snuggle with my little girls. I'm so curious to see what they're gonna look like and to be honest, I'm a little excited to see how it's going to be to hold two of them and nurse two of'll be a new and exciting adventure!! :)

speaking of adventure...check out these two different pictures...the first one is the first pregnant picture I took and the second one is one that we took yesterday! Can you believe the difference?? I can't! It's amazing how much a body can change and grow in just 20 short weeks! (yup, that was my belly at 17 weeks- crazy small!!) :)

please pray for us tomorrow and in the upcoming weeks- I'm a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous) about how labor and delivery is going to go! I am going to try it all natural and pending any problems we should be good to go, but just pray that baby B does well, as she's the one that it will be the "scariest" for and that we don't end up needing a c-section. If we do need a c-section I will have to be put out for it, as I've chosen to forgo the epidural again. And, we will definitely need and covet your prayers for when we bring the girls home! It is going to be a huge change and challenge for all of us. Pray especially for Hailey and Jack to deal well with the babies taking their "places" on mommy's lap and in my arms. Pray that Korey and I would be able to get some rest and be able to rest in the Lord and His strength as we navigate this new adventure of 4 children! :)

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