Monday, November 7

two peas in a pod

We're so proud to announce that our two little peas, Maelle Kay and Maysen Ann, are here!

They arrived, naturally (woohoo!! thank God!!),

November 25th

Maysen was born at 2:52pm , weighing 4lbs. 13oz

and her sister joined her just a few minutes later at 2:58pm , weighing 4lbs 14oz .
Mommy is recovering well and loving the few snuggles she's gotten with her little girls!

And, Daddy couldn't be prouder to have two more little princesses to add to his family! :)

Both girls are doing well and would love visitors, but as of right now they are hanging out in the NICU- hooked up to the IV for low blood sugar and their body temperature being monitored, so they aren't allowed any kid visitors (as of now...). We are hoping that they can come down to our room tomorrow, because they did a great job of latching on this evening!

For all of you who are interested I'll have to tell you more about their birth in the coming days, as I'm exhuasted at this moment and wanna get some rest until we head back up to try and feed the girls again!! :)

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  1. Awwww!! Jenni, congrats! I am sooo glad everything went well. :)