Friday, November 18

this is the last time...

ya'll are ever gonna see my belly this huge!! (hopefully) ;) so, you'd better enjoy it...hahaha!!

I wasn't gonna use this picture, because I accidentally cut off my head, but I thought it made my belly look so huge that I thought you all should get to see it in all it's glory- one last time!!

this giant belly is, according to our specialist, carrying over 10lbs worth of baby! Can you believe it?? I, for one, really can't!! But, when he said that I did feel slightly more vindicated in all the whining I've been doing! :)

my favorite part about these pictures is looking at them and thinking about what I'm going to look like in a week from today when I have no babies, no placenta and no amniotic fluid in there! (oh yes, you did read that correctly- we finally have an induction day- Friday, November 25th will be my daughter's birthday, unless they decide to come earlier and surprise us) The doctor decided to induce us because the girls have run out of room to grow and so, at 37 weeks they will be "old" enough to be considered full term and, therefore, are at a greater risk staying inside my belly where they don't have room to move and grow than they will be in outside of my belly where they can stretch out! :) Apparently not so great things can happen if one twin squishes another twin (not horrible things...just things like needing glasses, maybe having scoliosis, that sort of thing) At our appointment on Thursday our doctor also took me off of bedrest and for that I will be eternally grateful to him. I was able to do some of the things that I have been dying to do all along, but have been of the biggest and apparently most important to her, was holding Hailey! I came home from my appointment- picked her up, hugged her and then just about lost it when she uttered these words, "oh momma- you pick me up, now! I miss you. You love Hailey", as she nestled her little head into my neck and snuggled into my arms! I had no idea that the simple act of being able to hold and carry my oldest child was so important and I'm so thankful that God allowed me to be able to do it before I go into labor and bring home the babies! (as we all know...even if you are allowed to carry 30lbs after giving's not comfortable or easy) I think this has been a very long and hard pregnancy on my whole family and I can't wait for it to be over! I know that it won't be any easier once the babies come home, but I'm excited for the next "leg" of our adventure and super pumped to see what God has in store for our family! Mostly, though, I'm just so appreciative and so thankful for all the wonderful people He has put in my life and how wonderful and supportive they have been throughout the last 7 1/2 months! Korey has been the greatest- no guy has done more for his family or his wife than this one has done! He has totally taken care of us, doing his work and mine and I really can't thank him enough for it all! Hopefully I won't ever complain again when he leaves us to go hunting, because he deserves a break and a little bit of peace in his life! :) (my only regret is that I never got my hunter's safety so I don't have an excuse to go with him and sit quietly in a tree stand, or wade quietly out into the water) :)

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