Saturday, November 26

pictures of our newest sweeties!

Sorry about the other post, ya'll...not sure what happened to it, but here are some pictures of our sweet little baby girls! :)

Maysen Ann (4lbs 13oz, 18 1/2inches) and Maelle Kay (4lbs 14oz, 18 1/2 inches)

they were born at 2:52 pm and 2:58 pm and were both born naturally! (we did have to deliver in the operating room, just in case there was a problem with baby B, so we could do an emergency c-section fairly quickly and easily)

Thankfully, though, they both were head down and my labor was the "easiest" of the three I've had! :) And, apparently delivering twins vaginally without an epidural or other "helpful" drug is a rarity in our hospital, because we literally had nurses and OB techs fighting over who got to be in the room with us. (no joke, Korey and I actually witnessed two ob techs arguing over who got to scrub up to be in there) The best part, for me, though, was that our doctor was so excited to be a part of it and our nurse purposefully stayed past her shift to help deliver our girls!! It was definitely great for us to have her there, as we both just loved her and she was super encouraging and helpful the whole time. (she was the same nurse that we had for Jackson, so we felt like we "knew" her)

Here are Korey and I with our baby girls! (doesn't Korey look all cute scrubbed up and ready to go?? I almost laughed our girls out when he first put his hat on because he thought it was a bonnet and it was so cute and funny! (I guess there could be worse things than laughing during the pangs of labor) ;)

this is the most I got to see them before Korey, my sister and the girls were wisked away to the NICU. Originally they said that they didn't have to be up there for long, but they have been up there for over 24 hours, now, and we're not expecting them down before we head home.

Definitely the saddest part, for me, was that Korey and Felicia were with the girls upstairs and I had to be downstairs all by myself for about an hour...they were worried that with my uterus being so big and shrinking so quickly that I'd bleed out, so I had to lay in bed on pitocin making sure that my uterus was continuing to contract and getting smaller!

About 3 hours after the girls were born their families all were up to meet them...unfortunately none of them were allowed to hold the girls, but they all enjoyed meeting them for the first time- especially big sister Hailey! :) One of the best parts of mine and Korey's day was showing Hailey her baby sisters...she even sang, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be" and had Korey and I almost in tears listening to her. When she was leaving I was staying to feed the girls for the first time and she was so sad that she couldn't stay and help me feed them! ;) It was adorable and such a welcome relief after her reaction to Jackson when he was born.

Here's Hailey meeting Maelle and then Maysen hanging out and looking at us! :)

Hailey did come up, again, this morning, with my Mom and Dad and got to hold Maelle! Can you tell by the big smile how happy she was to be there holding her! :)

Daddy got to hold the girls some more today, too! We've actually spent a good portion of our day up in the NICU, either having visitors see them or just holding them ourselves! Both of them nursed well today, so that was a great thing, but they're still hooked up to their IV, so it's hard to get them too close together! (but, Daddy did figure it out) :)

isn't that the sweetest picture of Korey holding the two of them? that's Maysen on "top" and Maelle on the bottom! :) It seems like the two of them have taken turns being awake, but we've been having a hard time getting them to be awake at the same time...although, I'm sure that will change by the time we take them home- they'll both be up screaming in the middle of the night in no time! :)

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