Tuesday, November 29

the girls 1st photo shoot!

I love how our hospital takes pictures of the baby's before they send them home! :) it's so fun for the parent's to have some adorable looking pictures of our kiddos!!

Maysen is in the pink and Maelle is in the brown!
they were so adorable today when we took these pictures...Maysen kept trying to eat Maelle's head and Maelle kept grabbing at Maysen's ears or nose or anything else she could get her little fingers on!

don't you just love how they're snuggling, though??

Both Maysen and Maelle got some photos of just themselves, too!
Here's my little "fiesty one" Maelle Kay!

and here's a picture of my little laid back baby doll- Maysen Ann

aren't they just adorable little dolls??

so...the reason we had the photo shoot today is that we're probably gonna be able to go home tomorrow!! Yay!! I'm extremely excited and can't believe it's come up so quickly. :) This morning the nurse and I decided that we'd try to feed one baby and let the other one have a bottle and then let the other baby nurse the next time and the girls have done so well with that new "plan" that they both got to loose their IV's and they both are getting in more than the amount of "food" that the doctor's wanted for them! Right now Maelle is doing her carseat check- a 1 1/2 hour test to see how they can handle the stress of the carseat. Maysen will do hers after the next feeding (at 11), so I'm hoping that I'll at least be able to sleep a tiny bit tonight, but it's not looking too likely! (they have to come in about every 5 min to see how they look in the carseat and chart their heart rate, breathing and a few other things...kind of annoying and not quite so conducive to sleep as one would like) :)


  1. Beautiful girls, Jenni! So excited to meet them.

  2. Thanks for blogging, Jenni. It is delightful to hear about your days and the whole process and your love for your babies.