Monday, September 20

life as a second child...

is a little different than life as a first child! (and I should know...I'm a second born) ;)
for one thing- the second child gets "carried" a little more often, but it's not always in mommy's arms- sometimes it's in a sling!! (good thing Jackson likes the sling, 'cause he spends at least a little bit of time each day in it)

for another thing...wearing a little brother shirt makes you even more adorable!

wouldn't you agree??!!

for another have to use all your charm to get anyone to pay attention to you...can you see his sweet little smile??

for another pretty much take whatever attention you can get...even if it's from your big sister and she's suffocating you while trying to cover you up with another blanket!

and the biggest thing about life as a second child is that you will always live in your big sister's shadow! Good thing for Jackson his big sister loves him a lot- almost too much!! :)

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