Saturday, September 11

my little man

I am sooooo loving being the mommy of a sweet little boy! I was so worried when he was born that I'd never be able to love him as much as Hailey, but I was worried for no reason...I LOVE this little guy more than anything else in the whole world- just like I LOVE his sister! His sweet little personality definitely helps...I've never met a baby who is sweet and more wonderful than Jackson. He rarely, if ever cries, and never cries for no reason! How could you not love a little man like that?! :)
aren't these photos of our little "dino" man cute??
He hasn't been very awake, lately, because he has jaundice and that makes him very sleepy! It is nice at night, but makes me a little nervous during the day when I can barely make him stay awake long enough to eat! But...he has been doing a TON better, so we're all thankful for that!
today we had to take him in to the hospital to get his blood drawn (to check his billirubin levels, again) and his weight checked. It was rather nerve wracking and I was pretty frustrated that we had to get his poor little foot pricked again, but it turned out to be a great thing, because the nurse/lactation lady told us that she thinks his high levels of billirubin are due to breastfeeding jaundice- which is not as serious as the jaundice that babies get when they are under a week old.
So, I'm feeling a lot better about it all and the only thing we have to do is keep an eye on him and if he gets worse or stops waking up as much or turns more orange then we may have to stop nursing for a week or two, but I'm thinking that it should just fix itself in the next 6 weeks or so! He'll just look a little tan until then! :)
And, we'll just have to keep him in the sunlight as much as possible and feed him as much as he wants to try and not let him get any worse! (and, as long as it lasts I'm just going to be thankful that he sleeps a lot at night...) ;)

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