Tuesday, September 28


Today Hailey, Jackon and I went apple picking with our baby buddies group from church and it was a blast. It was a little chillier than we were hoping for, but it was a fun day, nonetheless!! Last year Hailey couldn't walk, so it was definitely more fun with her this year and Jackson was a dream baby- spending the whole time sleeping in the sling and a few differen't mom's arms.
Hailey riding in the cart with Jayda, while my friend, Erica, pulled them! It was pretty rough terrain, so I'd say I got off pretty easy thanks to her! :)
Ellianna, looking super cute in her little jean jacket- isn't she just a doll??

she spent at least 5 minutes trying to get this apple off of the tree...soo cute!

"ummm...yummy apple"

While all the rest of the kids were still running around, picking apples, Hailey took a little break and sat in the wagon, eating her fruit snacks and milk
the whole gang
my beautiful friend, Amanda, and her adorable little girl, Elli
Elli, Jayda, and Hailey looking super small in the big chair!
petting the goats
It was such a great day and the best part of it was that I felt comfortable as the mom of two little kids! Hope that part wasn't a fluke!! :)

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