Wednesday, September 22

battle plans

Today a friend gave me some great advice...advice about picking your battles...advice that I was sorely in need of! I think that Hailey has finally realized that Jackson is here to stay- for good, and I'm not sure she's happy about it! And, no matter how I spin it or twist it...she has been a bear and super naughty this week and it is wearing me out!! I know that it is hard to believe that any girl with a face this sweet could ever give her mommy any problems, but you'll just have to try and use your imagination! ;)
So, I was chatting with a friend of mine and sharing with her how wore out I was and how dissapointed I was in myself, because sometimes I feel so tired and exhausted that I give in to her and just give her whatever makes her happy and/or keeps her whining to a minimum! I know that this is wrong and I know that you need to keep consistent with your parenting, but I never realized how hard that would be! Everything about parenting seems so easy, until you're actually a parent! :)
But, thanks, to my friend, I feel like I can get Hailey up from her nap- encouraged and armed with a new outlook and a new "battle plan" with how to deal with my beloved oldest child! I'm going to be picking my battles- choosing one or two things to focus on during the day and just letting the other things slide for now! I need to keep my focus on what's important- instilling a love for the Lord in my children's hearts and off of what's not important- making sure that Hailey's life is easy and completely free of any hardship! :)
So, I'm going to throw my hands up like my son and surrender to the Lord for strength- since I have none of my own left to even focus on one or two things to "battle"!! And, beg Him for wisdom, because only with His wisdom will I be able to figure out what are the important things and how to focus on them and what isn't as important, right now, and how to let them go!

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