Sunday, September 5

it breaks a mommy's heart...

when there's anything wrong with her children! No matter how small it is or how big- it's just hard to know that your kids aren't healthy!
...and it has been hard to see my little guy have to be hooked up to a billirubin blanket for the last few days! (and especially hard to see him get his heel pricked so many times in a week...) I know that it's not as big of a "deal" as some horrible, awful disease or something that he will struggle with for the rest of his life, but it's hard to watch him have to deal with anything when he's so little and so defenseless. Not to mention that it's hard when you can't just carry him from room to room, or put him in the sling and carry him around- or take him outside!
Thank the Lord, though, that Jackson is doing well on his blanket and with his incredibly rigorous nursing schedule. His billy count went down from 16 to 15.7 and he gained 2 ounces- in one day!! I was ellated to hear that good news from the nurse, but the best news was...we didn't have to wake him up to nurse every 2 1/2 hours last night. I really needed some good sleep. (we did end up waking him up once last night, because he slept for over 5 hours and that made me a little nervous) God also blessed us with a very sunny morning and we were able to put him in the blanket and then put him in the sunshine, so hopefully that will be even better! Tomorrow the nurse comes back to do another test and to weigh him again and we're really hoping and praying for good news, again!
If it breaks a mommy's heart to see her baby not doing well, it definitely does her heart good to see that he is improving! And, my heart is doing well, today!! :)

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