Wednesday, June 17

I'm rolling over!!

I can't believe that Hailey is getting so grown up. Just a few days ago she learned to roll from her back to her stomach and now she is rolling from her stomach to her back! It is crazy to think that this "mobile" little individual is the same girl that just a few months ago was learning to pick up her head. Amazing, isn't it, what they can learn in such a short time. Think of all the things that you and I could accomplish if we learned things as fast as baby's do. In no time flat I'd have a whole book of the Bible memorized, the entire E3 curriculum, all of my cousins, aunts, friends (and Korey's too) birthdays, the pledge of allegiance, the directions to all the places I want to go, how to fix a tire on the car, and the prices of every major item at each place and if it's a good deal or not. (that one my Mom told me that I'd just automatically start knowing once I started buying it all and it's been almost 4 years now that I've been buying it all for our family and I still don't know what a good price for butter is!! Usually I just buy the cheapest stuff...) Unfortunately I haven't acquired any of those skills- I do know how to roll over, though! :) Now if I can just work on the being as flexible or have as strong of tummy muscles!!!

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