Wednesday, June 17

first time haircut!

Korey sporting his new haircut, while holding his little "bandit"

No, it's not Hailey that got a haircut for the first time, but me that gave Korey a haircut for the first time. I'm not really sure why Korey decided that it would be good for us to buy a clippers and me to cut his hair with them. But, for whatever reason instead of going to the usual hair salon for a haircut, Korey got one in our garage yesterday. I was a little nervous at first, so we borrowed a pair of clippers from our neighbor and she gave me a few pointers to begin with. Plus, we were just about to begin and our neighbor, Dave, who practically lives in our garage (not sure why...he has a perfectly fine one of his own- in fact, his is a lot bigger than ours. But, I guess ours does have one thing up on can usually find Korey in ours and sometimes me and every once in a while Hailey), came over to see what was happening and smoke a few cigarrettes. Immediately I was pretty happy that I had put Hailey to bed earlier, 'cause I really don't like it when he smokes in front of her! In the end, though, he ended up giving me a lot of unsolicited advice and basically just turning a stressful thing into a big joke. Plus, you know Korey and I, whenever there is an audience we get all goofy and put on a good show, so it did end up being pretty funny. But, other than the fact that I felt like it took forever, we both were covered in little tiny hairs, Korey kept checking the little "bit" sizes to make sure that I wasn't going to short or too long, it got cut a little crooked in the back(nothing anyone will be able to see from main street) ;), and I only nipped his ear once, it seemed like a successful haircut. And, if I do say so myself, I think he looks pretty dashing in his new haircut! Maybe I'll go professional. Ha,ha,ha!! Don't tell that one to Korey! ;)

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