Saturday, April 18


Korey just got home from working all day- first at his friend from works...they cut down 6 trees all before 9 o'clock!! (pretty amazing- I think!) Then, he headed over to church to help bury a cable from the church to the new sign. He worked at that from 9 until about 4:30!! When he gets home he sets off to take some brush to a yard waste site and then unloads some rocks from his truck. Does the man ever stop working?? It makes me tired just to see him work!! I'm so thankful that God gave him to me, though. What a great worker and provider for our little family. I know that he is a treasure, because there are many men who don't work so hard and can't be counted on to do stuff around the house/yard! I'm also glad that he has the stamina that he has, because the Lord knows that I coudln't do that much work and still be standing at the end of the day. The best part about this man is that he not onlyhas time for work, but he carves out time at the end of his day to hold Hailey and listen to me talk. In fact, the minute he walked in the door he gave me a kiss and then headed directly to his daughter. And the same little girl that was cranky for me all day just giggled and smiled the minute her daddy walked in the living room. How does a man that works so hard find it in himself to come home and make his little girl coo??? It must be the amazing love of a father!

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