Saturday, May 25

18 months

1/2 way...that's right...our babies are 1/2 way between 1 and 2...tomorrow they'll be closer to 2 than 1.
wow. that was fast.
should I cry? I'm not sure. Korey "accused" me of enjoying snuggling them while they were sick and I think it's true- I was enjoying the snuggles, because I know how soon those snuggles are going to give way to temper tantrums and naughtiness and squabbles and potty training and all the not so fun things that go along with parenting. these girls are growing up and they're doing it WAY TOO FAST!!!
here's a little rundown of what they're up to:
wearing size 5 shoe
weighing 22lbs
wearing 18 month clothing (woohoo- finally caught up to their age) :)
running. climbing. dancing. starting to try and jump.
loves to eat...but getting pickier about what she'll eat. been turning her nose up at certain things and screeching and screeching for more of what she likes.
can say, "ma" "hi daddy" "please" "allie" "up" "hey" (for hailey) and a few other things, but often chooses not to
loves to push her sister in the little car
will get her own shoes and socks out and try to put them on
loves to dance, when I start singing she often breaks out the dance moves
only has 4 teeth left to get
loves to sit and play puzzles in her pack 'n play for room time- as long as maelle is in hers, too

wearing size 5 shoe
weighing almost 22lbs
wearing 18 month clothing, but can wear 12 month
running everywhere. climbing on everything. jumping and twirling to music.
loves to snuggle and cuddle
will mimic most anything you say...unless you really want her to, then she acts like a mute :)
loves to wear shoes- especially her pretty black "clicky ones"
have 5 teeth left to go
will eat anything, but not too much of it
loves to steal her brother's milk or long as it's his :)
favorite pastime is "jumping" off her brother's bed
hates "room time" and whines and cries the whole time

slow down, little girls, slow down...growing up isn't a race :)

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  1. Oh but it is a race :-P If only they'd heed our warnings...all of the warnings.

    Happy 18 months Little Girls!