Tuesday, May 14

little toughie

Our little Macy quite possibly may be the toughest baby ever...she and Maelle are often fairly tough and can fall and get up- no problem. They both have been known to come to me with blood coming out of their mouths, without even so much as a peep. But Maysen blew us away today. Her brother slammed the lid of a wooden chest down on her hand and there was tons of blood- immediate bruising- a very swollen finger and two deep little cuts and the little bugger screamed when it happened and then whimpered onto my chest for a few minutes, but then got down and acted like nothing happened. The rest of us seemed to have a harder time with it than she did. Hailey was so intrigued and upset (quite possibly more intrigued than upset) that she didn't make it to the bathroom in time and Korey made fun of me for freaking out and wanting to take her to the ER, but I'm fairly certain that had he not been home I may have dialed 911 (ok, I'm certain I wouldn't have done that- we only live a few minutes from the hospital, we could probably drive there before they could get here) :) 
At least Maelle and Jackson were un-phased by it all...in fact, Maelle used her time incredibly wisely and decided to help Daddy with the trim that he was painting- decorating both herself and the door...and Jack thought it would be a good idea to continue slamming the door of the chest over and over again- apparently he felt he needed more practice ;) 

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