Wednesday, May 15

Peaceful days

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope  by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13) 
Peace at our house has been characterized by having hope- hope that God is in control of our lives, hope that God will never leave us or forsake us, hope that there are "better days ahead", hope that regardless of the circumstance we can have joy in our hearts, hope that this life isn't all there is to offer, hope that God gives grace and wisdom when needed, hope that God isn't done with any of us, hope that eventually tired kids will fall asleep, hope that teething doesn't last forever, hope that someday our kiddos will be able to buckle their own car seats, tie their own shoes, go potty on the toilet by themselves and get their own milk, hope that does not disappoint. :) 
Some practical ways that I've been achieving "peace" in our house, lately, are what I call my "unwritten rules":
1) never take all 4 kids to the grocery store when they're tired, cranky or hungry
2) always be home by 12/12:30 so the babies can get to sleep on time and Jack can watch a little show before going down for his nap- having a routine for him helps make it easier to get him to sleep, without any frustration. 
3) set times for snacks and cuts down on the frustration of hearing the kiddos beg for snacks and treats all day long. I just point to the clock and tell them it's not time yet :)
4) picking up all the toys before we go outside, eat lunch, dinner or go to means that I at least get to look at a 1/2 way cleaned up house a few times a day, which definitely makes my heart a lot more peace-filled :) 
5) making beds makes a room look nicer- we try to make all of our beds each morning
These unwritten rules are definitely broken a few times- generally with dastardly awful results- but they're not written in stone. :) 
I think the biggest change to the peace I've felt in our home, lately, is my attitude. I've been trying to slow down more, not expect too much of my children and enjoy each little moment. We've been telling more stories- reading less. I've been trying to strike the balance between being scheduled and keeping a tight reign on my home versus being flexible and relaxed and able to go with the flow. Still definitely working on that part- that'll be my goal for next few months...while we're packing, moving, unpacking and getting all settled into our new house...I think I'll get a lot of good practice in the patience department ;) 
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  1. I would say you are doing well! I like the unwritten rules, and with 4 kids, I am sure it helps. Laughing and enjoying each other, I am confident that brings everyone a great deal of peace!