Thursday, May 30

fishing fun

A few days ago we went fishing with some friends and it was great- the kiddos all LOVED it- ok, Maysen and Maelle weren't that thrilled by the fact that after almost loosing them in the water a few times I made them stay in their stroller, but Hailey and Jackson loved it!! Hailey even figured out how to cast and reel in the fish all by herself and Mommy figured out how to bait a hook and take a fish off the hook- a first for both of us!! :) Jackson loved to hold the fish and was always begging to "pet" them after we got them off the hook. It was the most precious thing ever to see them just loving it. It was even better when our friends got there and Jake could help with Hailey and Jack. It was a little rough for poor Korey before they all got the hang of it...there were hooks flying all over the place, worms being flung all around, and a little boy who had a hard time reeling in the fish- twisting himself all up in the fishing line more than once ;) 
I think there will be many more fishing ventures for our family in the near soon as we get all moved into our house- we move next weekend :) 
we think Jake, Nikki and Drew had fun, too ;) Drew even learned a few things from Jack :) (or was it the other way around...I can't remember who taught who) :)

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  1. Fishing makes me so nervous...I just envision a misplaced hook.

    Glad you guys had such a fun time! I do love long as I don't have to unhook the fish.