Monday, May 6

best $ spent...

I love garage sales...actually, I love to shop, but I love to save money more- so garage sales are like heaven for me- I can shop to my heart's content, but know that I'm saving money :) But, garage sales with 4 kids are pretty much only something a crazy lady would take on...and, while I often act fairly crazy, even I'm not crazy enough to do that! Too much in and out of carseats for me! (it gets to be a long, tedious process, that always involves me crawling over a kid and into the backseat of the van)         But, Saturday morning Korey was turkey hunting, we were gonna meet him later to pick up our swingset and move it to our new house, and I had heard about 2 garage sales that were in a school and a church (perfect for me- enclosed space that the kids can run in and filled with kind and nice people) :) So, we decided to leave a little early and hit up some sales on our way! It turned out to be a good and fun way to spend a Saturday morning!  Best part...I happened upon a friend while shopping at the school and upon our neighbor's at the church! 
At the first garage sale I picked up this great little "find"- a whole tote full of polly pockets and little houses. Maysen and Maelle just LOVE them. (and the tote, maybe that was a better deal than the polly pockets) Definitely the best money spent in a long while...and DEFINITELY better than the annoying electric guitar Hailey talked Bob into buying for her!! 

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