Friday, October 28

there are certain things...

that honestly make Korey and I question the reason as to why God would trust us with two more children!

this poor little picture is evidence of one of those times...

first, we let our kid run around outside playing with sticks

second, we decided to try and do some raking, as he was running around with the stick

third, well, you can tell that something bad happened- yup, our little baby boy took a stick and decided to try and climb up onto Hailey's trike with it you can tell it didn't turn out so well for his poor little face! (in case you haven't guessed, he fell and poked himself with the stick)

I don't know when we've ever felt so bad for the poor little guy and more thankful that God's gracious hand was upon him and us, as he didn't end up poking his eye out or do anything more damaging to himself!

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