Friday, October 14

31 weeks

woohoo! We made it to 31 weeks! :) 5 or 6 more weeks to can do it, Jenni!! :)

(thanks for letting me throw my own little pep talk to myself in here...think I hit a "wall" this week and am getting more and more uncomfortable, so I'm definitely getting more and more ready to meet these two little ones)

since we're getting a little closer to the delivery date, we've started getting ready for these babies...

we ordered some preemie diapers

and , Daddy's favorite "outfits" (in preemie size) little gowns that don't require any snaps, zippers or buttons! ;) (perfect for the middle of the night and those "manly fingers")
It almost feels surreal that we've made it this far! When I went into the doctor on Tuesday he said he was so proud of us and told me that we'd hit a big "milestone" the 30's! And, it honestly does feel like that. It's an exciting time and a little bit of a scary time, too. It seemed so much easier to not really "think" about them coming home when we were so much further away from it, but now it's starting to really sink in! Especially now that we've washed all the little tiny clothes and moved Jackson completely out of the nursery. I really can't wait to meet my little princesses, but I'm definitely starting to freak out about all the little things like- how am I gonna nurse two babies?? Can I do an unmedicated vaginal delivery(can I handle it- is it even possible)? Will they stay in long enough for me to be able to take them home with me? Will they be big enough? And, when they do come home- how are we gonna handle that?? Yikes! So many questions and so few answers!! Guess I'll just be happy that we made it to 31 weeks and try to continue not to think too far ahead! :)

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