Wednesday, October 12

it's pumpkin time!!

Since we (I mean "me", but my family is nice enough not to leave me at home) can't go traipsing around the pumpkin patch searching for pumpkins we decided to head out to a friend's house and just pick out some pumkins from their already picked ones to take home with us!

I love the fact that my kids still thought it was a super fun outing and just enjoyed playing with all the pumpkins! We even found a pumpkin for each of us!

Hailey thought it was super fun to climb on the wagon...

and poke her head out through the pumpkins

trying to pick up a giant pumpkin is fairly hard for such a little girl...but, she gave it her best shot! :)

even Maysen and Maelle got to pick out pumpkins...the biggest ones Korey would let me pick up!

Jack found one he could carry!

but, he liked the big one better, so that's what Daddy took home for him

the highlight for Hailey, though, was the kitties that she found in the Stroik's barn! Too bad Daddy wouldn't let her take it home ;)

It's a little sad for me this year to not be able to do some of the "fun" things that come with the fall, but, it's so nice to have a supportive husband and kids that are young so that we can still create memories without doing any great and huge adventures! Now if only I could find a way to get Korey, Hailey, and Jackson to make some of the fall treats that I love so much... ;)

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