Tuesday, October 18

2 peas in a pod

that was the theme of the beautiful shower thrown for me and my baby girls by some wonderful friends at church! I felt so incredibly blessed and so loved, last night, the minute I walked into the room and saw all these adorable little touches and my friends there!

have you ever seen anything as cute as these little pea pod cookies?? :)
and this adorable little dress?? :) In case you can't read what the little signs say here are the words:
twice as much to love, two blessings from above!
there's two to kiss and two to hug, best of all there's two to love!
two precious lives to mold, four little hands to safely hold!
all the food was so wonderful- not to mention incredibly cute!!

even the table decorations were adorable!!

I was even blessed enough not to be the only pregnant lady there- my dear friend, Christy, who's due in a week and a half came out to help me celebrate! :) (I don't know if you can tell, but our bellys are pretty close to the same size...too bad for me I have a lot longer to go than she does) :) We did try to hug and basically bounced off of each other...lesson learned- don't try to do a front hug with another hugely pregnant lady! :)

we were given so many wonderful gifts!

aren't these shoes adorable?? (plus, they even make my belly look rather small)

and, these two great little outfits?? They're adorable and super cute! :)

we were even given yarn for some adorable little hats that my mom is going to get made for maysen and maelle!

speaking of which...my Mom came up and surprised me!! Isn't she wonderful?? :)

All of this was wonderful and adorable, but the best part of the evening is when we all closed our eyes, bowed our heads and my dear friends lifted up Korey, Jackson, Hailey, Maysen, Maelle, and I to the Lord. I wasn't able to stem the tide of tears as they prayed for my family! They prayed for everything from mine and Korey's relationship to strenght and endurance when the girls come, to Hailey and Jack handling it well, to them being able to see and help where I need it! I feel so blessed by the Lord to be from such a wonderful church family! Where else can you find a group of great women who all get along and are willing to support one another??!!

Thank you, girls- you are all so dear to me and I truly thank God for you all!

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