Wednesday, October 5

51 days

Pretty amazing, isn't it- that we only have 51 days until we hit 37 weeks in my pregnancy??!!

We're all definitely getting more and more excited to see these little girls- Hailey bought them each a present to bring up to the hospital when they're born and they each bought both Hailey and Jackson one...I got sheets and mattress pads for their beds, all the clothes are washed and put away, wipes are stocked, yesterday my Dad and Mom came up and got some "outside" stuff winter ready, so all in all I'd say we're getting well on our way to meet these little princesses! (just really praying that it doesn't happen anytime soon, 'cause the one thing I have not done yet is pack my hospital bag) :)

Here's me- 29 weeks 5 days- growing like a weed, but not too uncomfortable yet- thank God!

In case you can't tell from the picture-my belly is getting HUGE...I honestly do think that it grows exponentially at night- 'cause I feel like each time I wake up to go to the bathroom it has gotten bigger! (and that's been around 3 or 4 x's, so that's a lot of nightime growth) :) These two little girls are so active, too, they keep Korey and I in stitches every night laughing at them "wrestling" around in my belly! I don't think I've ever seen a belly move like it does when these two get going! It really makes me wonder what they're gonna be like when they come out...

We had a check up last week Thursday (these are some pics of the two of them- they're both head down, now- Yay! and we're praying that they don't flip in the next 51 days). I had meant to update the blog letting you all know how well the girls did with me on my "house arrest", but, well, I guess I've had other things on my mind! :)

The girls did do wonderful at gaining some weight with me just sitting around at home! They were both weighing around 2lbs 4oz and that was a HUGE improvement from the time before- so, the consensus from the doctors was that I needed to continue on doing what I was doing- with a little bit more freedom! :) Other than hearing the good news the best part was that Korey went with me, because he thought I was "exaggerating" how much freedom they gave me, so it was great for him to hear that I could do a little bit more! But, with all the great help that we've been receiving from friends and family for the last two weeks I haven't really had to do too much. It has been such a huge blessing for all of us to see how much our "family" has stepped in to lend us a hand. More than one friend has offered and/or taken the kids for the day, my sister took Hailey for 4 days, our nanny started a little earlier than she was planning to and has done above and beyond what I even asked of her (she went grocery shopping for me!!!!), we've had people stop over and clean bathrooms, throw in a load of laundry, bring us tons and tons of fattening foods, lots of meat and goodies- it has just been amazing! I really had no idea how wonderful and supportive of a network we had until now! I think that when God blessed our family with twins He knew that we were gonna be ok, because of all the great friends that He had blessed us with (and the amazing families that we were born into)!! :) So, thank you to all of you who have helped us out! I so appreciate each and every one of you- there just aren't words to express it enough!

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  1. Ok, so I know they're identical, BUT I looked at this last U/S pic of them and totally thought "wow, one looks more like hailey, and the other a little more like Jackson!" Did u think that at all, or is it just me ?? So fun to watch them change! Love you Jen!

    Keep growing those baby girls ;)
    Love, Amanda