Saturday, April 2

goodbye to good friends!

Some of our two favorite kids moved to Kansas with their family, this last week! It was sad to see them go, but luckily, for us, the day before they left they came over for a nice long playdate at our house! I think these are seriously the sweetest, nicest kiddos that I've ever met. We are REALLY gonna miss them!!

Taylor's a great big sister! Her little brother is only 10 days younger than Jack, so she has lots of practice holding little boys! :)

we all love dress up! I think Trevor takes the "cake" for the best dressed little boy today!

what a bunch of cute kids, huh?!

it's a trucking convoy...driving through our house! :)

forts are always fun and the kids spent a lot of time hanging out in the one we built here in our living room

here's a picture of the going away party that some of us threw for the Barth family and I just thought it was a great picture of Jackson and Joey...Jack just couldn't get enough of him- he just wanted to grab on to his little head!! :)

We all love the Barth family and as glad as we are that they are finally able to move closer to Brian's job, we are really sad that they aren't going to be in Wausau, hanging out with us any longer!!

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