Wednesday, April 13

driving, driving, driving...

here are my two incredibly cute little car riders! (ok, one rider and one driver)

Grandma and Grandpa K even squeezed in the backseat with Jackson!

everyone got "stretched" a little while on this trip...Grandma's big accomplishment was that she learned how to change Jackson's diaper while he was still buckled into his carseat- is she amazing or what?? (even Grandpa helped...he held the bag so she could throw the dirty diaper in it)

Hailey really liked listening to the music on my Ipod...between her listening and Korey playing killer zombies I barely got a chance to read the book I downloaded for myself! ;)

as fun as all the driving was, Hailey couldn't wait to get out of the car...and when she did she went through a little "grabbing spree" and just picked whatever she could get her hands on!!

All the driving really wore Hailey out...isn't she cute, here? :) She was just exhausted and a few seconds after this picture was taken she fell back on the pillow into an exhausted sleep!

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