Tuesday, April 19

a dancing party

This litle girls LOVES to dance!

And, we love to oblige her. It's so fun to see how excited she gets! (and how excited her Papa gets- I really think he was using it as an excuse to stop helping me empty the dishwasher, but they sure were cute dancing together) :)

she just couldn't stop messing with the radio, though, she either didn't like the music or it wasn't loud enough or something, but she was constantly stopping her dancing to go over and fiddle with the dials on the radio

here are some of her moves...yeah, she's definitely a Konietzki! :)

I think she was trying to do th eworm here...

and, to round out the night- some slow dancing with her papa! I can barely look at this picture without tearing up- it's just so precious!

On Sunday night Korey and I were laying in bed talking about having more kids and he said that he'd rather have another little boy because Hailey's so special to him that he just wants her to be the only little girl in his heart forever!! :)

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