Wednesday, April 13

It's great to go swimming in April!

And, that's what we did in Texas this last week!! Every day that we were there we were able to do some swimming and it was soooo much fun! :) Hailey loved it most of all. I practically had to drag her out of the water each time...

here are some pics of her enjoying herself in the water!

this is a little splash pad they had by a small shopping mall. We weren't completely prepared to have her swimming, so no swimming suit, but she enjoyed it none the less!

Jace had a little slip 'n slide that they set up in the front yard and he loved it...

Hailey, not so much...until I got my swimming suit on played with her, then she loved it and had so much fun!!

we also got to go to Discovery Green and play in the splash pad was so exciting for us to have so much "water" time so early in the spring!

Hailey really enjoyed swimming with her Aunt Kelly the best!

(actually, she loved everything about her Aunt Kelly) :)

Jack even got to enjoy some of the water the day before we left! He loved it, too!!

(and, judging from the pictures, I think Grandma K had a good time playing in the water with her two Konietzki grandkids)

Unless we head to Texas again next year I don't think we'll be able to go swimming in April, again, but it sure was fun this year!! I can't think of a time when I enjoyed the sunshine and the water so must be the fact that we had two kiddos to enjoy it with this year! I just LOVE these two little ones and watching them enjoy life is such a great joy.

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