Wednesday, April 13

my sweet little family

I like it when our family is cute and fun, instead of crying and screaming and throwing fit after fit! We did have plenty of fits in Texas (and on our way), but I really tried to keep them to a minimum so as to not ruin Hailey and Jack's vacation. (hahaha...just kidding, I don't throw fits- not as loud or as obvious as Hailey, anyways) ;) Honestly, I'd have to say that as tired, sick and as "thrown off" of her routine as Hailey was, she did fairly well. And, baby Jack did great. He started getting his first tooth on the way home, so that wasn't too much fun, but before that he handled his cough and runny nose like a champ! As far as Korey and I, I'd have to say that we handled ourselves very well, too, we didn't fight- I barely complained when Jackson was up all night (ok, I guess I'm complaining, now) ;)- Korey drove almost the whole way there and back and did great, we didn't get lost, we made great time, and no one got carsick- we basically enjoyed the sunshine in Texas and loved our trip there and back! (ok, maybe not the car ride itself...but, everything else was really fun) ;)

We didn't have room to bring our stroller, so Bill and Carin let us use theirs and Hailey enjoyed riding on the front of it...until Jack started kicking her in the back, that is! ;)

we tried really hard to get a great family picture...but, I guess we'll just have to settle for ones like this for now! :) Apparently our kids have a really hard time looking at the camera...and I guess they both really have a fixation with putting things in their mouth- I have no idea what Hailey's chewing on here, but I do think Jackson is chewing on his shirt! :)

I guess this ones ok...I'd have to say that our kids did turn out pretty cute!! :)

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