Tuesday, March 29

the great bathtub pooper strikes again...

That's what we've been calling Hailey these days...and she dragged her brother along with her this time! We've had a lot of "pooping issues" over here at the Konietzki household in the 2 short years that we've had a little girl, but today was definitely the one that took the cake!

I've been enjoying putting Hailey and Jackson in the bathtub together, but today, after Hailey pooped, while Jackson was swimming around- may have just cured me from ever doing that again! I didn't think I'd ever have to fish turds and a baby out of the bathtub at the same time, but that's just what we did this evening...ahhh...the joys of parenthood, huh?!! :)

Maybe this is one of those times that all teenagers should witness- I can pretty much gaurantee the teen pregnancy rate would drop! :)

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