Monday, April 18

"baby Jack"

that's the name that Hailey has affectionately chosen for Jackson and it kind of stuck witht he rest of us...I find myself calling him baby Jack all the time, now! :) It is a rather cute and catchy name...not sure what he'll think of it when he's 10, but maybe we'll be done calling him that by then!! ;)

Isn't he a great helper?? He got up early this morning, so he helped me get the laundry out of the dryer and folded! I'm so thankful for my little helper.

this little baby of mine is already 7 1/2 months old and I feel like the time has gone entirely too fast! He just isn't the same tiny little infant I brought home from the hospital- actually, he's way better than that infant! He doesn't have a billi blanket this time and he smiles, chatters away, and can even stand for a little bit if he has something to hold onto!

we took our baby Jack in for a little checkup the other day and found out that he's only 14lbs. It seemed like he hadn't really been gaining much weight, lately, and I guess my hunch was right- he hadn't been! In fact, he gained about 1 lb in the last 3 months! :( (definitely not good, according to the doctor) So, we're doing what we can to beef up our little man, but I really think that it has more to do with how active he is than him not getting enough food. If you've ever seen him eat, you know that he can eat more than the average baby his age, so your guess is as good as mine as to why he's not as big as a house! I know that I've been making baby food almost every day, because he goes through it like water!! We're not worried at this point, but we do have another appointment in a month just to make sure that he gained something between now and then. So, if you happen to see our baby Jack out and about put a little bit of food in his mouth! (just kidding...he can't really eat "real" food just yet) :)

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