Saturday, September 24

when the big sister's away...

the little brother will play! :)

I think that's how the little rhyme goes, right??!

Hailey left today to stay with her Auntie Fysh for the four days and we're all really missing her around here...doesn't it look like it?! hehehehe...ok, so maybe we don't look like it, but when we left Eau Claire and Felicia took 53S and we took it N Korey and I looked at each other and he said, "I miss her already- let's go get her!" and I pretty much felt the same way! :)

It definitely is a lot easier to relax around here, though, without our little "mover and shaker"

but, life just isn't the same- is it, baby Jack??!

I'm really hoping that Hailey and Jackson will sleep ok tonight without each other- they're so used to playing and chatting before bed that I'm a little worried about them missing each other and having problems sleeping without each other!

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