Tuesday, September 13

our new stroller

Thanks to the $ we received at our baby shower on Sunday and from the sale of our two double strollers I was able to buy a new quadruple stroller...

And, it was delivered via Fed Ex today!

It was such an exciting package to open- even our neighbors had to come over, watch and throw a few snide comments in here and there) :)
what do you think?? Are we gonna be a hit walking around town in this thing??

I'm definitely thinking we're all gonna be pretty cool looking...we took a little walk in it today and I am really liking it- it's actually skinnier than my jogging stroller was and pushes fairly easily- for a quadruple stroller! :)

1 comment:

  1. I have used this exact stroller before, although at a daycare, ha ha. Does work great and provides quite the workout when they are all a little bigger. Also wanted to tell you that you look amazing!