Sunday, September 11

blessed by diapers

 Today Korey and I were blessed beyond our wildest dreams by our family and friends! Our Mom's and Dad's decided to have a little "diaper and wipes" shower for us, to help us out in our first year with the girls and I think all of us were very surprised at the outpouring of "love" that we recieved in diapers today!
 It was a sweet little pink themed shower, with so much yummy food that I could barely hold myself back...probably one of the best things about being pregnant with twins- no one says anything when you're going back for your 3rd plate of food! :)
 here's me and my "girls" with our new diapers and wipes- thank you, all!!
Korey was so excited about organizing them all, that he just had to put them all in on our shelves in the basement...didn't he do a nice job of organizing them all?? :)

so, here's the tally: (Kelly and Darlene- this one's for you guys...) :)
size N: 400
size 1: 724
size 1,2: 1098
size 2: 250
size 3: 704
 that comes to a grand total of 3176 diapers...and, if my calculations are correct that should get us through 1/2 of the first year- I'm thinking that's pretty awesome ;) (and, I have to admit, I'm having a hard time believing that we're gonna use more diapers than this...yikes!! the city of mosinee may start charging extra on all our taxes just to take care of all that extra garbage!) :)
Thanks, again, Mom and Dad G and K! We love you all and so appreciate all the work that you put into making this day special for us and for our kiddos.

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  1. AWESOME! Loved the tally count! I also LOVE your cute black and white dress. You are adorable! Love you!