Tuesday, September 20

27 weeks 4 days

we are 27 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy, now!

I'm not feeling super huge and since Maelle flipped around I'm feeling a lot less pressure and pain, so that is nice, but it's not so nice that she has flipped and is feet down! We are measuring about 5 weeks ahead, so not too incredibly far, but enough that I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit already! :)

Today we had an appointment with our ob and I took hailey and Jackson with me- Hailey absolutely loved it and had been talking about going to see the babies for days! I was really happy with how well they both did, but it was pretty cute how concerned for me Hailey was- she kept asking, "you ok, momma?" :)

Now, for the not so great news...baby A and baby B have always been measuring fairly small, but when we went in baby B- Maysen, measured very small, compared to Maelle, so the doctors are a little worried that the placenta may not be doing such a great job supporting the girls and we need to do whatever we can to try and get them to gain a little more weight. So, as of today, we're just laying low, eating milkshakes and cheeseburgers and trying to gain some more weight. The doctor told me today that, now, isn't the time to worry about good fats vs bad fats- it's just the time to eat and eat and eat and lay on the couch enjoying movies and tv with my kiddos! :)

Please pray for our family- that the little m & m's would gain some good weight, that my placenta would give them the nutrients that they need- so we don't have to meet them anytime in the very near future, that Hailey and Jack would be patient and on their best behavior, that their mommy would be able to do what is best for all of her kids, and that their Daddy would be given strength to pick up the slack and not grow to weary!

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