Wednesday, September 21

Psalm 66:20

"Blessed be God who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me"

When I started this blog, this verse was my "theme" verse and the inspiration behind writing it- I wanted to share God's faithfulness to me with you all! There are days that God's faithfulness is not quite so obvious to me, but it's on those days that I feel more of a need to remind myself of how God has shown me His faithfulness in the past, and in turn, it really brings forth to my mind how He can and will be faithful to me in my immediate circumstance!

Here are a few things that God has shown His faithfulness to me:

-He led me to Fort Wilderness after highschool, where I was able to solidify my faith in Him and gain some independence in my walk with Him

-He saved me from marrying the wrong man, a few different times

-He brought me back to my parent's church, where I could deepen my faith in Him and be discipled by amazing women

-He gave me Korey- the best man for me and saved him for me!

-He moved Korey and I to Wausau, gave us two great church families- each for a special time in our lives

-He gave me great and amazing friends who spur me on, who challenge me, who I can cry with, laugh with, and pray with

-He gave Korey and I time in our marriage together to be just the two of us- to deepen and develop our relationship before giving us a "quiver full" of children to take up a lot of our time and energy

-He gave us four children in His precious timing

-He gave me time to get adjusted to having two children, before adding two more

-He was faithful to me through the transition between Hailey and Jackson- He gave all of us the grace to handle that transition and stress

-He had my egg split sooner, rather than later, so that each of our girls had time to develop their own amniotic sac

-He kept M and M from developing twin to twin syndrom and kept them healthy and growing until they were into the viable life range

for all of these things I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord!

And, by going over this list it reminds me that He will be faithful to complete His work in all of us- that He will hear our prayers and continue to watch over our family and do what He feels is best for us!

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