Sunday, July 3

you know you've been working a lot when...

10) Your wife can't find any pictures, from the last two months, of you and the kids together to put on her one!

9) Your daugther brings the phone to Mama asking to talk to "her Papa"

8) You can count the # of days that you have been home in the last month on one hand

7) the neighbor boys end up mowing your lawn for you

6) no one at church even bats an eye when they see your wife and kids there without you

5) your mom calls and asks your wife if she is getting lonely and bored without you

4) your wife schedules an appointment for an ultrasound and forgets to tell you about it...she invites your mom, instead

3) your daughter cries and says, "no work, Papa" when you go to put on pants the same color as your work pants

2) your daughter tells all the boys at sunday school that they can't play with the dolls- they have to go to work

But, the # 1 way that you know you've been working a lot, lately, is...

that your daughter calls you up and asks if you would like to come over and play with her and Jackson and Mommy tomorrow!

Korey has been working a lot in the last 3 months and I don't think that I even realized just how much until a few days ago when Hailey did call up Korey and ask him to come over and play! We've all missed him a lot and are hoping that God answers our prayers and keeps the storms away and our Daddy home for a while!

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