Wednesday, July 6

16 weeks 5 days

Never before have I been so "in tune" with how many days pregnant I am! And, never before has a pregnancy gone by so quickly for me! It's strange that the two of those can exist side by side, but this pregnancy is definitely flying by- almost too quickly- and I feel like each day I'm poignantly aware of how many weeks and even days I am pregnant! (and, conversely, how many more I have to go- 2 weeks and 2 days until I'm half way there...kinda nice to be able to shave off two weeks right off the bat, huh?!)

We had our first real doctor's appointment yesterday and it was so great to see the babies kicking around and covering each other up. The energetic one kept covering up the one that was just sort of hanging made me giggle- even in the womb they have different personalities! I guess with each appointment that we have we're going to do a little in office ultrasound just to check on the little ones and see how they're doing, which will be kind of nice. There's just something reassuring about seeing your babies and seeing their little hearts beating and their little legs moving!! We learned a lot more about having twins, yesterday, too...a few things that surprised us and a few "disconcerting" things, but mostly just really exciting and fun things! :) One of the things that our doctor did tell us to plan for was some sort of bed rest- even if it doesn't mean just laying in bed, we should at least have a back up plan for sometime around the middle of September on to give me a break and get me off of my feet for a few hours a day! I think that was definitely a shocker for me...I was expecting that at some point I'd have to start taking it easy, but that was a lot early than I was anticipating...along with that was the revelation that I am going to be looking like I am 40 weeks pregnant around that time, too, so that didn't help me feel much better about the situation! I knew I'd be bigger, but it didn't really hit home how much bigger until I realized that, right now, I am measuring at 20 weeks and in only a few short months I will be measuring at 40 weeks, but then will have a whole nother 2 months to grow before I get to deliver my babies! does sort of make me wonder why I complained so much with Jackson at the end...and want to take it all back! :)

But, on the happier side of things- I did learn that I should be able to do a natural birth, just like the other two, so that took care of one of my biggest worries or fears. And, our doctor, who has a set of girl/girl twins said that his are 5 years old and they went on vacation for the weekend and he was actually able to say, "wow! that was really fun", so we know that there is hope and that there will come a day that we can say that we will enjoy spending time with our kids and a day that we will actually want to/be able to take them all on vacation! :) (hopefully it will come before 5 years from now, but if it takes that long I'm willing to ride it out to get to the good part!) ;)

Thanks for taking this journey with me! I'm so thankful that I have such great support from my family and friends! It makes having twins so much more exciting and enjoyable to know that I can share all of my news with people that care!

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  1. Jenni, You are the cutest twin-preggo woman I know! If you are measuring 20 weeks, you look incredible. I mean, you look incredible and it is hard to believe you are measuring 20 weeks already.