Tuesday, July 26

Mackenzie Jolene Glorvigen

My little brother, Michael, and his wife, Sarah, had their first child on Sunday morning! They were so excited throughout the pregnancy and it was just so fun to see them finally holding and cuddling their precious little one! My brother is going to make a great Daddy- he already is!! And, you only have to look at him to see how much he loves his little girl. I think she's gonna have him wrapped around her little finger in no time at all! :)

Hailey and her great grandma had a good time investigating Mackenzie and giggling over her little noises! It was a sweet and special time to be able to take Hailey to meet her first girl cousin!

I just love babies...holding them is probably one of my favorite pastimes! Plus, this little one is doubly sweet, so that makes it extra fun to hold her! :)

she's so tiny and so perfect!

I love how first time parent's are in awe of how precious and perfect their new baby is!! Mike and Sarah are definitely no exception- you can tell they are in awe of their new baby!

the Great Grandma's sure enjoyed their newest great granddaughter!

Hailey loves her Uncle Mike and since Mackenzie is his- she loves her, too! :)


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