Friday, July 22

these kids...

are just growing up so fast! I feel like I blinked and all the sudden my baby wasn't so much of a baby anymore...

he has an adorable little personality and does things "just to be funny"!

and, somehow this little girl figured out how to actually walk in high heeled shoes...not sure when that happened, since her mom still has issues with that! :)

And, Hailey figured out how good fresh, homemade bread tastes! (especially if you go through the work of making it yourself...isn't her little loaf so cute??)

Plus, she learned how to be show hospitality and care about others, since she made the bread and then wanted to take a loaf to each of the neighbors! It was probably one of the proudet moments that I've had as a Mom!

Jackson also realized that he can crawl into new and exciting places and find all kinds of new trouble! He makes clearning the dishwasher much more of a challenge, but it's amazing how fast I've learned to get the dishes put away that I don't want him playing with! :)

I just love these two kids and as much as they keep Korey and I hopping I'm so thankful that God blessed us with them! They are so perfect for us and I feel like our family just fits together so perfectly! Apparently God really knew what He was doing when He put us all together! :)

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