Monday, July 18

1/2 way there!!

wow! can you believe it?? We're halfway to our projected due date! I can hardly believe it myself...these last few months have been flying by. And, I'm pretty sure that's going to continue for the next few!!

I'm really happy to report that, along with being halfway there, my attitude is more than halfway there in terms of getting excited to meet these precious little ones! I don't know if it was the shock of finding out we were pregnant, the shock of finding out it was twins, the extreme sickness, tiredness or a combination of them all, but up until a few weeks ago I would have had to say that I wasn't too excited about this pregnancy. And, as far as a turn about, I'm not sure if it was all the prayers that have been uttered on our behalf, finding out the gender and finally being able to give our little girls names, or the fact that I have been working extrememly hard at actively and purposefully puttinng my hope in the Lord, but whatever the reason I can honestly say that, despite being petrified out of my mind and exhausted just thinking about it- I can't wait to hold my precious little girls and bring them home to meet their big sister and brother!

Every night before she falls asleep Hailey kisses (my belly)her sisters goodnight and says, "goodnight Maelle, goodnight Maysen. Love you, big sister Hailey"! It's probably one of the most precious things that she does these days and it melts my heart each time! Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, the lack of sleep from getting up three or four times a night to use the bathroom, or maybe it really is just that cute, but I am almost reduced to tears each night as I leave her room!

Well, just in case you missed it and were curious- our names for the girls are:

twin A- Maelle Kay (pronounced M(long i)L)

twin B- Maysen Ann

Our mother's middle names are Kay and Ann, so the girls were named for each of them, but their first names really have no meaning- other than the fact that Korey and I heard them and fell in love with them! :)

(forgive me for not putting a picture of my face on's been a long day, I have bags under my eyes, my make-up has worn off and my hair is up on the top of my head in a ponytail and no one wants to see me like that, so consider it a favor that I'm doing for you all!) :)

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  1. Awww...I love their names! They are super cute! How special to use the middle names after your moms' middle names!

    You look fantastic, Jenni. We continue to pray for you all!

    Love you,