Saturday, July 9


Korey's Mom and Dad watched our kids overnight on Friday night so that we could get away and do something fun- just the two of us! While we were gone I realized that I hadn't ever been away from Jackson, for a whole night!

10 months was definitely too long to go without spending some quality one on one time with my favorite man!

We definitely had a great time! We only traveled a few hours north- to Korey's favorite fishing spot- the Flambeau River, but we found some nice R & R in the little town of Park Falls! I even managed to fall asleep early while Korey was watching the Brewer game! :) (I know it doesn't sound like much of a vacation...but, these twins exhaust me and just getting an extra hour of sleep would have made the whole trip worth it!!) :)

We did do other things, though! We ended up getting up rather early- go figure- I think our kids have ruined us ever sleeping in again- and were on the water fishing by about 7:30 and fished for 1/2 the day, before heading home to pick up our kiddos. It wasn't a super long time, but we both managed to get picture worthy small mouth bass and Korey's great accomplishment was that he got me to hold mine for the picture- apparently after having babies and changing diapers and catching throw up with my bare hands holding a fish just didn't seem like that big of a deal, anymore! :)

I truly just enjoyed the chance to catch up with Korey and spend some actual "downtime" with him! It seems like we tend to just run and run and run when we're at home, so it was great to be "stuck" together, with nothing else to do but talk while we were driving and fishing! I didn't even read one part of the book that I bought just for the occasion- we just fished and talked the day away! :) We even managed to talk about something other than the twins for a few hours of our trip- pretty amazing, considering they have taken up a considerable amount of both of our "thinking" time lately! :)

Thanks, again, Mom and Dad for taking our precious babies for us! We love you and appreciate you!!

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