Wednesday, June 1

there are days...

that make me fall more and more in love with my kids and being their mommy!!

and, today was one of those days!

We didn't really do anything too special- but, we did go meet my sister, Felicia in Eau Claire and do a little bit of shopping and playing on the toys...then, we got home and played outside for the rest of the evening!

We even ate our dinner outside-

and, Hailey had sooo much fun feeding Jackson and making a HUGE mess of him!

can you see this messy face??

Isn't this little girl adorable?? I just LOVE her soo much and she makes me smile all the time!

I really do love every day with my kids, but there are just some days that are SUPER special and hopefully will linger in my memory for a while- sweet days with sweet smiles like this! :)

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