Monday, June 27

Hailey and Jackson 101

There are so many times that I've wished that my kids had come with an instruction manual and I'm sure these two in my womb aren't going to be any different! Why is it that kids are all so different and that we have the hardest time figuring out what makes them "tick" and how to motivate them and what the best way to discipline each one is?? Those are a few questions that I'm just gonna have to put on my list for when I get to heaven...if I even care about it anymore by that point! ;) Lord willing, by then I'll have figured them out, made a bunch of disciplining mistakes, motivated them the wrong ways and done as much as I could possibly do with the tools that the Lord has given me.

Someone once told me that Korey and I are the perfect parent's for our children and that God placed them specifically in our family, because they needed to be raised just how we were going to do it...but, there are times where I honestly wonder what God was thinking! I feel completely and utterly unequipped with how to deal with the two children I have, let alone throw 2 more in the mix! I feel like I loose my patience too quickly, I don't say I love you enough, snuggletime and book reading time are often last on my list of things I'd like to be doing at that minute, I forget to pray before we eat, I don't always want to read Hailey's bible story at the breakfast table, I get irritated when I have two little tag a longs in the shower and tonight I let my daughter cry so hard she threw up all over me when I finally went and got her out of her bed!

What makes me qualified to be the mom to these four babies that I've been given??

I guess, the only answer to that question is- NOTHING!! I am not qualified for anything. I am a sinful, hateful, evil human being with no good qualities on my own and apart from God I would not be a good Mom at all! Good thing that God promises to supply us with all that we need for "life and godliness"! I'm feeling a little tired and overhwelmed today and I'm definitely clinging to that fact...and to the fact that no matter what life throws at me God already has, in place, the grace that I need to meet and conquer that situation!

(and, good thing these two sweet babies have their Grandma K and their Nani to pray for them, to love them, and to give their mom a break) :)

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