Friday, June 24

"they grow so fast"

When I was pregnant with Hailey I remember an older, much wiser woman telling me, "your kids will grow so fast, so make sure that you take all the time you can with them- rock and cuddle your babies, read books to your toddlers, take your little ones to the park and push them on swings, have tea parties, go out on dates- just enjoy the years, because before you know it they will be moving on and too busy for you". I've really tried to not forget it. But, there are days when the day in/day out mundaneness of life gets to me- the kids are crabby, I'm crabby and it seems like this stage of life is going to last forever and I can't wish it away fast enough...those are the days when I look at pictures like these and almost cry tears of joy that I'm having another set of babies to love on and snuggle, because soon these two won't have anytime for that "silly stuff", they 'll be too busy rollerblading away with friends and jumping on the trampoline to care about their boring, old mommy!

I'm so thankful for that dear lady who knew I'd need to remember that these kiddos grow fast and knew that I'd need the reminder to cherish every moment that I have with them!
And, really, how could I not- these two are just plain adorable, even if the antics they get into are less than that at times! :)

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