Thursday, June 16

it's amazing-

what a difference a little passage of time brings...

I went to the bank where I used to work today and it got me thinking about how crazy it was that when I started working there all I wanted was to have a big family, but wasn't sure I'd ever be able to concieve! (that was May of 2008 and now, 3 short years later I'm anticipating the arrival of my 3rd and 4th babies...God is pretty amazing, isn't He?)

As I pondered God's faithfulness to me in that situation it really brought a few other things to the forefront that have drastically changed, in just a few short months or weeks! And made me think about how different I would respond to life if I just kept in mind that God's perspective is the one that matters, not mine, and He doesn't see life as times and dates!! But, as a tapestry all woven together to bring the most honor and glory to His name!

for starters-

*about 6 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and never in my wildest dreams did I think that 6 weeks later I'd be recieving these books in the mail and voraciously devouring every word they said

* a few months ago when I parceled out all of my maternity clothes I never imagined that I'd be asking for them back so quickly

*about 3 months ago when the doctor's started noticing that Jackson was pretty small for his age and that he was having problems gaining weight I thought for sure that I'd fight tooth and nail and do whatever it took to continue nursing him the full 12 months and possibly more- never did I think that I'd be the one to wean him

*3 weeks ago when I told Korey that I thought this was going to be my "skinniest" pregnancy yet, never did I imagine how far from the truth that was and how in just a few short weeks I'd be weaning Jack to put on more weight, be adding extra butter, cheese and bacon to my baked potato in an attempt to coax a little bit more weight gain!

The biggest change of all is that last summer, I spent a good amount of the summer crying and worrying about how I was going to love two children at the same time and how Jackson was going to fit into our family, but in just one year my whole attitude has changed (and, consequently, so have my circumstances)! I had no idea that those things God taught me after Jackson was born would be put to such good use! And, instead of crying and whining this summer, I am dedicating this summer to spending time learning the art of prayer and memorizing Bible verses, so that when the twins are born I will have filled my whole summer full of "waiting, hoping, and expecting" for and with worthwhile and God honoring pursuits that I will be able to rely on in the crazy and tumultuous fall and winter that we have ahead of us!

We started a new bible study this summer and I am so excited about it. It is such an opportune time for me to be doing it and since it will probably be my last study for quite some time I am thankful that it is such a good and applicable one! I am sure it will be one that I will come back to time and time again. I already learned so much from it and hopefully will be able to apply it to my life this summer! :)

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