Tuesday, May 31

9 months

I can't believe it...but, Jackson turned 9 months old yesterday!

And he is up to so much stuff, I can barely keep up with him.

Here's some of what he's doing:

he's making messes just like a "big boy"- can you believe that he did this mess all by himself, with no help from his big sister!

he's pulling himself up on everything and standing up to play...and is it a boy thing? or a second child thing?? I'm not sure, but for some reason Jackson has had more bumps and bruises and falls in the last few weeks than Hailey has had in her entire life! I can't keep up with how many times this weekend he's fallen on his poor little head. I'm just thankful that God made babies really flexible and created their bodies to heal quickly!
he took his first few swigs out of a sippy cup and his first few ounces out of a bottle just in the last week and I'd have to say that he's doing fairly well. He probably will take a few ounces at a time out of either one, which is definitely an improvement! :)

he's eating finger food and pretty much anything Hailey can eat- Jackson eats (even if he's not supposed to- he either steals it or she "shares" it with him) So far (compliments of his sister) he's had a chocolate chip cookie, a cheeto, rice, pasta, cheese, grapes, strawberries, cereal, snack crackers, goldfish crackers, and numerous rocks, sticks, dandelions, and pieces of grass. The poor kid- he even knows to hit the highchair top when he's choking on something now... :(

He's still rather small for his age- only about 14lbs. 13oz, but we all think that he's just so active and so busy that he doesn't have time to put on any extra weight! :) (plus, it's a lot easier to carry around a little one than a big 18 pounder, so you won't hear much complaining from this momma)

His favorite game and my new favorite trick of his is playing "peek a boo" with mommy. It's adorable, so next time you see him you'll have to put a blanket (or pants or anything you have handy) over his face and say, "where's the baby" and watch what he does!

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